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"Fished the Salmon River in Pineville New York for Steelhead for three days using your swivel end sinkers and didn't get snagged once on the sinker got snagged by the hook and lost hooks but not your sinker 1/4 0z.  Attached is a picture of steelhead I caught using your sinkers." - T.T. -

"Salamander Sinkers work great on the Kenai" - Jim Dicken -


• The new standard in sinker fishing.

• Great for bass, salmon, steelhead, trout, walleye

• Excellent with ultra lite tackle for panfish

• Outstanding for drift fishing.

• Snag resistant and Lead Free

• Keeps bait in the fish strike zone

• Works with all types of bait


 Catch Your Favorite Fish With Salamander Sinkers


Salamander Rig: Great new tool for catching BASS


Crappie Fishing: Bottom up


Salmon Fishing: Salmon


Steelhead Fishing: Steelhead


Trout fishing with Salamander Sinkers: Trout Videos


Drift Fishing For Walleye: Snag Resistant River Fishing

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"These weights don’t 'sink like a rock'" - B.A.S.S. Magazine

"Lead free and snag resistant"

- In-Fisherman Magazine


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