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Fish Alaska magazine select Salamander Sinker for Editors' Choice Awards 2017, 2018 and 2020

Fish Alaska Award

Slideshow of different fly and lure rigs configurations used with Salamander Sinkers

spin&glo crappiejig soft egg drifting egg sucking leech fly ham&egg bass & walleye

Web Pages of Applications and Species Using the Sinker

Gram Series Double Loop for fly rod. The most innovative invention for fly fishing since sinking line.

Drifting the world famous Kenai River for monster rainbow trout. Kenai River Video

View the performance of the Gram Series Double Loop sinker on a small river environment. Small River Video

Trout fishing with Salamander Sinkers: Trout

Double Swivel Sinker. The drift sinker for spinning rod. Trout fishing Video

Salmon Fishing: Salmon

Steelhead Fishing: Steelhead

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