"Fished the Salmon River in Pineville New York for Steelhead for three days using your swivel end sinkers and didn't get snagged once on the sinker got snagged by the hook and lost hooks but not your sinker 1/4 oz.  Attached is a picture of steelhead I caught using your sinkers." - T.T. -

Salamander Sinkers work great on the Kenai. Having a great 2 weeks with  them instead of the Banana Sinkers. They run the bottom without dredging the line into the gravel... thus we get longer use from leaders and actually more hookups .. MY OPINION.


Jim Dicken



Adam Cuthriell

PO Box 568

Girdwood, AK 99587



I've had a chance to fish them my self. The loop size is adequate and the loops seem strong. The sinkers themselves seemed to perform extremely well. I thought they would snag more than conventional split shot upon looking at them for the first time. This was definitely not the case! i didn't lose a single set up!


Mike F.


Hard to hang up, my buddy and I rolled those with eggs last week,...great product!!



"I fished some places I have not been able to fish with those sinkers, this was at Eastman Lake and it has boulders all over the place, I have always avoided the boulders, this time we tried it and did not lose one hook or sinker. I want to get out again on my own, but that was great. I will be using them at the Delta event this weekend. The girls had a blast, we had double hook ups, the little one was killing um all drop shot."

I've fished with the Gram Series Double Loop since they came out. They keep the fly on the bottom and they don't snag.

Kevin Thurman

Alaskan Fishing Service

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