Salamander Sinkers offers anglers the opportunity of creating custom jigs specifically designed for their fishing preferences. Each jig is tailored to the anglers personal likings as to size, skirts, hooks and configuration. The angler decides the color of which skirt is to be used and it length. Choice of hooks, their size, style and the placement on the jig is also determined by the angler. The angler must decide how the sinker is attached to the line and whether the placement will be for maximum snag resistance or if traditional performance is the goal.


To start choose one of our lead free sinkers. We recommend three sizes. 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz for normal conditions. For current or deep water use the 1/2 oz model.


Slide your favorite skirt over the swivel and allow it to set on top of the open end of the sinker.

Choose your favorite hook and leader. Tie the hook to the leader with your favorite knot. My choice is the Palomar because of it strength.

Attach the leader to the bottom eye of the swivel.

Attach the pole line to the eye of the top swivel and you are ready to fish. Its that simple.


For convenience configure additional hooks and leaders before your trip in the comfort of your home. Avoid wasting fishing time tying leaders to the swivel by adding a quick change snap swivel to your leader. The time saved will also eliminate frustration and add to the trip. Place each rig in a plastic bag for storage.


Split Ring Hook Configuration


The sinker can also be rigged with the hooks attached directly to the swivel by adding a split rig. This configuration doesn't have the snag resistant feature and performs similar to conventional jigs. The split rig is attached to the bottom eye of the swivel and hook(s) are added to the split ring.


These are a few ideas to help anglers design personal custom jigs. Use them as templates to design your own creations.

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