Salamander Sinkers was founded by an avid angler who was plagued with the issue of replacing terminal tackle while fishing his favorite fishing spot. Each trip he would lose dozens of rigs and wanted a better solution. Much thought and planning was devoted to the formation of a product that would avoid snags as well as protect the fishing environment from lead pollution.


As a result of this need a revolutionary product was developed that will change the way fishermen think about using sinkers currently and in the future. They are designed to slide and roll across rocks while keeping the bait in the fish strike zone. This innovative sinker is the perfect balance of submersion, buoyancy, and finesse that results in a new standard for sinker fishing.


Our mission is to supply the fishing public with new innovative products for the terminal fishing market at exceptional quality and competitive prices. We at Salamander Sinkers strive to make your fishing outings productive and pleasurable by providing products that are environmentally safe.


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